Help Stuff

Creating NPCs

  • Occupation
  • Physical description
  • Attributes and skills
  • Values and motivations
  • Behavior
  • Useful knowledge
  • Mannerism

Basic Quest Seeds

  • Capture
  • Complete with accomplish another task
  • Defeat
  • Discover hidden
  • Drive away
  • Escape from
  • Hide from
  • Infiltrate
  • Thwart activities or plans
Allies, Extras and Patrons
  • Escort to location
  • Establish a relationship with
  • Help perform a specific task
  • Hide or protect attack, kidnapping or other harm
  • Rescue from existing danger
  • Settle a debt
  • Deal with the adtermath
  • Flee or hide from ongoing weird or harmful
  • Mistaken identitu
  • Prevent or stop wird or harmful
  • Transported to a strange place
  • Win a contest, race or war
Items or Information
  • Deliver to a place or person
  • Destroy, perhaps by a particular method
  • Hide
  • Retrieve fro an allay or patroon
  • Recover for personal use
  • Escape from
  • Explore
  • Protect or damage
  • Seal off
  • Secure for another use
  • Survive in


Character creation

  • Where is your character from? (Not just city and country, but the location description)
  • Does your character have a family? (Married, children, relatives)
  • Does your character have an ethnic background? (cultural heritage)
  • What does your character look like? (physical appearance, skin color, etc)
  • What does your character dress like?
  • Does your character have physical quirks?
Skills, attributes, resources:
  • Where did your character learn their class and stats?
  • Where did your character learn their skills?
  • Where did your character get his goodies?
  • Where does your character live? (lifestyle, house, secret places)
  • Who are your character contacts? (how did you meet)
  • Who are your character enemies?
  • Who did your character learn magic?
  • What are your character likes/dislikes?
  • What is your character’s moral code? (if amoral, how did you get that way)
  • Does your character have goals?
  • Does your character have personal beliefs?
  • Does your character have personality quirks?

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